Creative Jobs: Carol Mackie, Makeup Artist

Creative Jobs: Carol Mackie, Makeup Artist

Creative Jobs: Carol Mackie, Makeup Artist

From Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, to working on set with some of the world’s best fashion photographers, internationally renowned makeup artist Carol Mackie knows the creative industry like the back of her hand.

The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival veteran is currently a Global Senior Artist for international make-up company M.A.C Cosmetics.

To say her CV is impressive is an understatement, but perhaps her best work is what she gives back to the newer generations of hopeful make-up artists through her WA based make-up academy Artists at Play.

“Artists at Play is my heart and soul, ” Ms Mackie said.

(Photo credit: Stefan Gosatti)

A partnership between the Academy and the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival sees the students work backstage.

“It is always a dream when you first start as a make-up artist to work backstage.

“We work to really educate our students to allow them to excel in their make-up artistry, so we can get them to the right level to be backstage at TPFF.”

The dozens of artists who work tirelessly to create the perfect look for designers in a high stress environment are not paid for the work, Carol said they do it because it’s their “dream”.

“They know that it is going to challenge them in lots of ways artistically and they realise working backstage, they need to be at a certain level and this will encourage them to get to the next level, which could be on to Milan or even New York.”

The students are guided by Carol and also the school’s lecturers who work as team leaders to ensure the artists understand the look.

“It’s a team effort and students need to work professionally and collaboratively backstage to ensure the look is applied well and fast. They need to work not only with each other but also the hairdressers and nail artists to ensure the show is on time.

“Those who really excel and go above and beyond get noticed more and it opens up more opportunities within the industry, working on other professional shoots and shows.”

Carol’s experience in the fashion industry has shown her the importance of showcasing Perth to the rest of the world through events like the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. 

“It is super important in what is being seen globally, working backstage in places like London and Paris I always try to bring trends and standards back here to TPFF.

“Perth has grown with a number of international designers and people are noticing what we are doing here, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival plays a big part in that.” 

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