Creative Jobs: Cheyenne Phillips, Model

Creative Jobs: Cheyenne Phillips, Model

Creative Jobs: Cheyenne Phillips, Model

In September this year Cheyenne Phillips went from her familiar surrounds of the Pilbara red dirt to walking the glamourous runway at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

The 19-year-old Wickham local was selected to walk in the 2018 Aboriginal Runway alongside Australian supermodel Samantha Harris at Fashion Central in the City of Perth.

The teenager was spotted by Kirrikin designer Amanda Healy after competing in the popular Pilbara Girl competition.

Despite her shy demeanour, Ms Healy and the Fashion Council WA saw something special in Ms Phillips and booked her to walk her first official runway.

“Never ever did I think I would be walking a catwalk with Samantha Harris, it was surreal. At first I was a little star struck but she gave us advice and made us feel really comfortable,” Ms Phillips said.

The young woman from outback WA shone on the runway in beautiful designs that showcased authentic Aboriginal art. “The first couple of steps were the most nerve racking but as I kept walking it began to feel natural, and I felt so proud to be walking in something that was so close to my culture, as I am a very proud Aboriginal woman.”

Ms Healy recalled the moment she looked out to the crowd and saw her aunty and little cousin sitting in the front row with “the biggest smiles on their faces, my whole face lit up when I saw that”, she said.

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