Creative Jobs: Gemma Woolf, Blogger

Creative Jobs: Gemma Woolf, Blogger

Creative Jobs: Gemma Woolf, Blogger

When Gemma Woolf modelled for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival a few years ago ,she saw a creative business opportunity and ran with it.

The 31-year-old now owns and runs the well-known online Perth Social Pages, which has over 30,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook.

“The Social Pages is a website that covers major events in Perth. We pride ourselves on being at the biggest events and giving our followers an insider’s look at the best parties around town. Major events like TPFF drive our traffic three-fold.” Mrs Woolf said.

Gemma began the business in 2014 following a stint as the socials writer for the STM. “I realised at the time there was no dedicated online social pages and that content being publish in the newspaper was days or even a week old, if it made it at all.” 


It was an idea that made a lot of sense, as photos were taken, the subjects would gravitate towards Mrs Woolf’s social media pages. “At first it was an online blog but as our social media following grew, we invested in a new website and I started out-sourcing to photographers.”

Gemma pays her photographers and generates revenue from covering specific paid events and working on collaborations with relevant brands through social media.

“My first photographer was Thom Davidson AKA ‘Shot by Thom’, he was only starting out and Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was one of the first runway shows he shot for me. He is now one of Perth’s most in demand photographers, and way too busy to shoot for me.”

Fashion Council WA events provide essential content for Gemma’s growing business. “TPFF is a major event on the socials calendar, we know we have to be there or else we lose our credibility. We get a huge amount of content from the shows and the crowds that attend them.”

She said events like the Telstra Perth fashion Festival breath energy into the community. “There’s a buzz and it is so important for highlighting our creative industry. Photographers, stylists, designers and production teams all get incredible work and experience with this festival,” she said.

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