Creative Jobs: John Koh, Photographer

Creative Jobs: John Koh, Photographer

Creative Jobs: John Koh, Photographer

John Koh’s first gig as a photographer was backstage at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Since then it’s hard to find a VIP event in Perth that John isn’t snapping at.

“I got hired by the editor for AAA in the West Australian. Basically I got a call asking if I wanted to do some backstage TPFF stuff and I said yes sure why not. That is how it started,” Mr Koh said.

The talented photographer owns his own business and is predominately contracted out by the Sunday Times and the West Australian Newspapers to take glamourous photos for newspaper socials and occasionally news.

During Festival time he is also contracted out by public relations firms or private companies to take photos at their events.

His work demand depends on the volume of events in Perth and the interest they hold with the public.

Mr Koh said the newspapers gain a significant amount of coverage from the Festival because the pictures are something the public are interested in. “Different events that happen throughout the city like the fashion festival do create a lot of work especially for me because half my gigs are for the media,” he said.  

Over the Festival season John has the ability to earn more than double his income in just one week. “Last year’s Festival I did 12 shows in the week for the West Australian, in an average week I would normally only do five.

“It would be a struggle for my business to survive without events like the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. It helps a lot to earn a full time wage, other options for photographers are weddings but that is not what I enjoy doing,” Mr Koh said.

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