Creative Jobs: Jonté Morgan, Fashion Designer

Creative Jobs: Jonté Morgan, Fashion Designer

Creative Jobs: Jonté Morgan, Fashion Designer

West Australian Jonté Designs founder Jonté Morgan is on the brink of breaking into the US and Asian fashion markets, and credits a great deal of her success to the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

“I’ve worked with TPFF since I was a student, I would go to shows before I started studying and then I entered into Student Runway to showcase my very first design,” Ms Morgan said.

Her success in WA has skyrocketed over the past few years as her designs become more and more popular with consumers.

“It has been incredible having the Festival’s support, from showing one look when I was a student, to showcasing 20 looks last year, to being in closing night this year.”

You can now find the 28-year-old’s designs in retail stores across Australia and online, she also dresses celebrities, with her clothing currently on display at the Ivan Bitton Showroom on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The designer’s small business runs out of Balcatta serving as a retail store and creative workshop.  Hatch, the Fashion Council WA’s retail store is also a big supporter of Jonté, selling her designs in Garden City.

“Hatch has been really invaluable to my business since my first commercial collection in 2012. Hatch is like market research as well because you get feedback from the store managers and that has really helped my growth,” she said.

Jonté works closely with local manufacturer Whitman Clothing in Leederville to produce her product, with 50 per cent of her clothing made in Australia.

Ms Morgan already trades online to Singapore, Hong Kong and the US but over the next few years is looking to contribute more to WA’s export portfolio with her popular clothing.

"It would have been hard to launch my label without the Festival and everyone comes together for TPFF so it would have made it quite hard to network with the correct people if the Festival wasn’t there,” Ms Morgan said.

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