Creative Jobs: Joscelyn Bartlett, Fashion Sales Assistant

Creative Jobs: Joscelyn Bartlett, Fashion Sales Assistant

Creative Jobs: Joscelyn Bartlett, Fashion Sales Assistant

Joscelyn Bartlett is not your average WA retail sales assistant, the 26-year-old is carving out a career in the fashion industry through Fashion Council WA’s (FCWA) HATCH store at Garden City Shopping Centre.

With her experience from studying at the London College of Fashion ,Ms Bartlett works closely with the West Australian designers, who are showcased in HATCH to manage and sell their merchandise.

Launched in Perth’s CBD in 2011, HATCH is a next generation fashion incubator that provides apparel, jewellery and accessory designers with a curated, consumer focused retail space.

The unique store was created to provide an avenue for WA designers to transition from the runway into retail, a move that is extremely hard to do in Perth without strong support.

“The Garden City demographic is often not the people who would source independent labels so it really does open up a new field for WA designers,” said Ms Bartlett.

“Having a space in a shopping centre that has such high foot traffic is an incredible opportunity for designers. Hundreds get to see clothing that they normally wouldn’t.”

Ms Bartlett works alongside six casual employees at Hatch.  “Lots of our staff work in the industry or are design students, one of our staff members presented in Future Runway this year.”

The 26-year-old began with HATCH five years ago but took a break to study and returned earlier this year. Not only does Joscelyn learn about the design process, she also conducts research on consumer behaviour and reports back to the designers.

“The reason I came back was because I had learnt so much about how the industry works, and you get to grow your network. It allows you to talk to designers about their production, and you get to learn what is going on behind the scenes, an opportunity you wouldn’t get in a retail chain store,” she said.

“It is such a great learning opportunity, I started working in this store under a manager who now works for the Iconic in Sydney.

Everything sold in HATCH has been created by a West Australian. It’s a cost effective retail option for WA designers especially at a time when the retail industry is unpredictable.

“All designers would agree it has helped them, it means they don’t have the layout costs that you would have associated with having your own space, so for them they get to show the people of Garden City what their product is about with minimal financial output,” said Ms Bartlett.

FCWA takes a 25 per cent rack fee from each of the designers but underwrites the cost of rent and employees for the store.

FCWA says HATCH has played a major role in developing the careers of both WA designers and sales assistants since it opened in 2011.

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