Creative Jobs: Kristi Dempster, Destination Marketing Entrepreneur

Creative Jobs: Kristi Dempster, Destination Marketing Entrepreneur

Creative Jobs: Kristi Dempster, Destination Marketing Entrepreneur

In an era when online shopping presents big challenges for the bricks and mortar retailers, experience-driven destinations are the new survival strategy.

Think 140 on William Street in Perth, an eclectic mix of food, art and retail on re-imagined laneways, it’s an undeniable experience that shoppers can enjoy.

This is what Kristi Dempster does, as founder of Assembly + Co, the 32-year-old offers retail and destination marketing and has worked on a number of campaigns with the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

Kristi spent six years defining 140 before launching her own business in 2016, and now works with some of Perth’s largest shopping precincts including Enex and Wesley Quarter in the CBD.

“Spectacles like the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival showcase not only the amazing fashion creatives that WA has to offer but also the incredible spaces and developments in and around Perth.

“It allows people to be a part of something much bigger, where design, architecture, retail and art become part of peoples’ lives, and it makes Perth a great place to be,” she said.

Ms Dempster said the Festival also activates underutilised space in the city, whether it be retail or hospitality venues, “it injects life and culture into these spaces”.

The feedback Kristi’s team received from this year’s Festival revealed retailers who took advantage of the runway shows and engaged with the audience, were more successful in bringing in foot traffic when offering incentives of value than those who didn’t.

“Fashion Central, the free city event gives retailers the opportunity to amplify marketing strategies, it’s a platform to promote their product, but to be successful they needed to engage.

“For example this year Wesley Quarter retailers saw the biggest results because they were willing to invest. Review provided $50 gift vouchers and doubled its budget on the Saturday. It was direct sales from the show, customers were asking to try on clothes they had seen on the models.”

Fashion Paramount is also a cost effective way for retails to showcase their product.

“It would cost retailers about $30,000 to put on a runway show, Fashion Paramount is an accessible and affordable way to showcase a brand, and it is the only runway show offered to CBD retailers, compared to suburban shopping centres that often get one each season,” Ms Dempster said.  

Photography: Craig Williams

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