Creative Jobs: Molly Ryan, Fashion Student

Creative Jobs: Molly Ryan, Fashion Student

Creative Jobs: Molly Ryan, Fashion Student

A recycled white bed sheet, dyed using pomegranate is not something you would usually associate with high fashion, but it’s exactly how Molly Ryan created her first Perth Fashion Festival runway design.

The 21-year-old Curtin University student’s project was selected to showcase in this year’s Future Runway at Fashion Paramount.

“The design selected was from a study unit we did last semester called sustainable fashion, which incorporated elements of the basic white button-up t-shirt. By using recycled natural, materials and sustainable pattern making, the design is waste free,” said Ms Ryan.

Molly who is now in her second year at university said PFF was an opportunity for young designers to explore the creative industry in a real life situation, while they were still at university.

“It is such a diverse industry and one of the most daunting things is figuring out what you want to do post study. The Perth fashion Festival is one avenue that you can explore while trying to make this decision.

“I am at the stage in my degree now where people are asking me what am I going to do with it, and having opportunities to be a part of a runway show really makes you feel like your hard work is paying off. It also  gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep going.”

The university student is on track to be part of the future of sustainable fashion in WA. Since the age of 10 Molly said she’s been obsessed with sustainable textiles, which carried through to her high school years when she began experimenting with natural dyes.

“The fashion industry is highly pollutive and harsh on the environment so it’s about figuring out ways to still produce clothes but in a much more environmentally sound manner.

“I am very orientated around sustainable fashion, and having opportunities to engage and explore this within the industry was very exciting.

“It was an incredible and surreal feeling to witness a crowd admiring my sustainable design on a catwalk.” Ms Ryan said. 

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