Creative Jobs: Veronique Willing, Model

Creative Jobs: Veronique Willing, Model

Creative Jobs: Veronique Willing, Model

20 years ago Veronique Willing walked the very first Telstra Perth Fashion Festival runway. Two decades on she was still walking that same runway in the Festival’s 20th anniversary at Fashion Central.

“People say to me I look the same as I did 20 years ago, luckily I  am genetically blessed, but I have always had a good skin regime and eaten healthily so that helps,” Mrs Willing said.

The Festival helped launch the mother of three’s career in modelling and after a few years of walking for designers in Perth, Veronique moved to Sydney. 

“The Festival was very beneficial for me, I was one of the top models in Perth when it started and it created a lot more work for me in Perth.

“I also spent some time in in Asia where I did Singapore Fashion Week working for YSL, Valentino, Versace and some of the big watch houses like Patek Phillipe, Harry Winston and Rolex.

“I then moved on to Sydney, sang for the opening of Aurelio Costarella’s first show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, modelled for Cartier with a baby crocodile, I even walked Gucci’s first Australian trunk show,” she said.

The 37-year-old returned to Perth in 2012 and has continued to work for TPFF despite being older than the average model.

“I have definitely broken the age mould of catwalk models, but the creative industry has changed over the years and to be honest a large part of the audience want to see what the clothes look like on a woman, not always a teenager.

“I think it actually helps sell the product and  this is evident with a lot of the European designers bringing back the original supermodels. It would be nice to see more of it.”

Mrs Willing has recently also ventured into the business of blogging starting up a social media page with friend Zoe Barnes, which depicts what it is like to live in Western Australia.

“Events such as the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival assist in creating content for our Instagram page LVZ, and shows off to the world what a vibrant and exciting State we live in.

“It goes both ways as well because we help promote the Festival to people who normally wouldn’t be aware of it.

“The Festival really provides so many opportunities for so many creatives and from what I have witnessed it’s not always about being paid, volunteers gain invaluable experience and often move on to the bigger and better, such as Paris or New York,” Veronique Willing said.

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