Interview with Bridgette from Amore + Sorvete

Interview with Bridgette from Amore + Sorvete

Interview with Bridgette from Amore + Sorvete

Designed by WA designer Bridgette Gale, Amore + Sorvete is a swimwear label that encompasses bold colour palettes, original prints and high quality Italian lycra. The new Amore + Sorvete 2016/17 collection, which we saw grace the runway at Swim + Resort Series 2016, is a fusion of sports luxe and sultry swim and was recently shot with new brand ambassador, Emily Ratajkowski. We spoke to Bridgette to see what inspires her and to find out about her aspirations for Amore + Sorvete.

What inspired you to launch your label?

After growing up on the shores of Western Australia, I started collecting swimwear from a very young age. At 14 it wasn’t about having the latest trendy outfit, it was all about purchasing my new favourite pair of bikinis. That’s when I discovered Brazilian bikini bottoms and realised there was a market for them. I started hand sketching designs and Amore + Sorvete was created.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would say that we are well known for our beautiful custom designed prints, seamless comfortable fits and the quality of our Italian lycra. To me every bikini is a piece of my art, I put alot of thought and pride into my designs. I listen to my customer’s needs and wants when shopping for a bikini and I take that on board.

How does your new brand ambassador Emily Ratajkowski represent the Amore & Sorvete brand?

Emily is a strong empowering woman which I believe represents Amore + Sorvete perfectly. I couldn’t think of a better brand ambassador to be the face of our brand, her body is obviously incredible but as I have got to know Emily over the past six months she’s extremely intelligent, hard working and I love how she speaks her mind.

Where is your favourite summer destination?

The Great Exuma Islands, Bahamas. It’s where I got engaged and the colour of the water there is unreal. It’s my favourite place on earth.

Take us through a normal day in your life.

At the moment I’m seven months pregnant so my exercise routine is pretty limited however I am swimming laps at the pool, normally I would enjoy hot yoga followed by my morning protein smoothie. If it’s a warm morning I would go for an early morning beach walk and a swim, I’m a 10-minute walk to the beach so I’m very lucky.

I would then make my way into the office and work alongside our great team, organising new social media events, photo shoots or designing a new collection. Of course not every day is filled with creative fun activities and I’m answering emails for eight hours and working long days. My husband is an amazing cook, so he normally has dinner ready for me when I get home and I snuggle up on the couch with my two-ragdoll cats. If it were a warm night we would pack a healthy dinner and head down to the beach to have a picnic for dinner, which is always my favourite! I’m generally asleep by 9:30pm during the week - such a grandma I know!

What is your go-to swimwear style?

I always go for comfort I live in any Brazilian bottom and either a triangle top or at the moment the Hula Hula underwire bikini top that is very supportive of my boobs whilst pregnant.

Do you have any favourite summer trends?

The San Remo bikini from our latest collection.

Any advice for emerging designers?

Anything is possible if you work extremely hard at where you want to be. Persistence, persistence, persistence! Don’t ever feel discouraged it’s all about trial and error when you’re learning.

What are your aspirations for your brand?

I will continue to grow and develop the brand worldwide, we have such a large customer base in the USA so I hope to spend more time over there expanding. I’m looking forward to Miami Swim Week next year and hopefully next season we will have our own runway show as well as participate at the trade show.

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