ILKA is an Australian women’s fashion label (designed by friends Erin Taylor and Kate Wilks) specialising in modernist tailoring and known for their poetic use of colour and print. The ILKA aesthetic is classic-made-contemporary; refined design, complementary fabrication and uncomplicated styling. ILKA is currently stocked in HATCH in Garden City Perth. 

Check out our interview with the local duo below. 

How would you describe ILKA in three words?

Uncomplicated, classic and refined.

Where do you both draw inspiration from?

ILKA is classic made contemporary, refined design, complimentary fabric and uncomplicated styling. We draw inspiration from the world around us, and other creatives that share our ethos and eye for design. What inspires us will depend on the season and the influences we are exposed to, as well as our tastes and preferences that continue to develop. Our collections marry these inspirations with our established aesthetic and style.

ILKA is WA made – can you tell us about your production team in WA?

ILKA brings a return to the atelier model. We are operated from our store and studio in Mount Hawthorn, where we design and draft all of our designs. All of our clothing is currently produced in Perth, and we intend to remain this way to ensure a consistent level of high quality.

We have two small, independent production teams in WA that specialise in our Ready-to-Wear items. Both teams utilise Computer Aided Design (CAD), allowing for minimal waste and more sustainable practices. As we are located closely to these teams, there is a direct channel in terms of quality and service control.

In our studio, we also work as a production team for our bespoke garments. We pride ourselves on being hands on and are assisted by both interns and students that are passionate in the fabrication, fit and construction of each garment.

Why is it so important to support local creatives?

Local creatives are the heart and soul of WA. As local creatives, ILKA is greatly invested in supporting the local economy and nurturing talent that we believe in. It is the artists and designers based here in WA that are often the most daring and willing to take risks. The local art scene here is rapidly expanding, and as a local brand we always ensure that we are actively supporting the creatives that provide originality and value.


Tell us about the creative process behind bringing a collection to life.

A collection begins as a range of ideas and inspirations that we are looking to draw upon. Once these ideas are collated and refined, we are able to produce a clear concept that the collection is to be based around. This is when we are then able to draft and begin to design garments in our studio, ensuring that they reflect the collection’s concept while maintaining the ILKA aesthetic of classic made contemporary. This is thoroughly referenced at every stage of product development, beginning with the fabric and then progressing to the garment fit. Once we can ensure that the collection produced by both our local production teams and at our in house studio is of high quality and longevity, we announce the collection and share our loved project with WA.

What do you think the hottest winter trends will be for 2018?   

The hottest trends for winter 2018 will be smooth, minimalist silhouettes paired with striking, statement pieces. This will include a variation in textures such as pleats and ripples and contrasting these fluid fabrics with structured hardware. In terms of colour we also expect a contrast of delicate tones with striking hues, and creating this by layering trans seasonal pieces together.

What can we expect from your upcoming winter collection? When will it be dropping in HATCH? 

‘Contours AW18’ is a seasonal collection inspired by the delicate desert hues and topographic maps of the world. The first instalment of the collection features 18 in-house made garments available in multiple colourways, with attention on the high wearability in both their fabrication and fit. The striking tangerine and soft cornflower blue in the collection hold inspiration from the mesmerising sand dunes and summer sky of a desert landscape. Features of the collection include an emphasis on linear patterns and high fluidity, while displaying a wide range of textures and movement. All pieces are transseasonal and tailored towards the unique Perth climate, holding the ability to be tailored to any occasion.

‘Contours AW18’ is currently available in HATCH, and availability will extend to the end of September to make room for our succeeding Spring Summer collection.

Image credits
Photographer: Courtney Illfield
Stylist: Emma Bergmeier-Varian
Model: Claire Nelson from Chadwicks
MUA: Brittany Mason 
Location: ILKA Studio

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