Following a stunning showcase at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, the Jonté brand was launched in 2012. Head designer Jonté Pike was reared surrounded by fashion as she sat in on her mother’s fashion lectures as a child in South Africa. After moving to Australia, Jonté pursued her studies in fashion design and was selected to travel to Japan for a textile scholarship on two separate occasions, as well as South Korea for Preview International Trade Show.

Jonté Designs now includes Evening Wear, Ready-to-Wear and Accessories. This women’s wear fashion label utilises fine fabrics such as silk, cotton, leathers, hand beading and interesting blends upholding the beautifully produced clothing. Jonté encapsulates feminine beauty through its clothing, empowering a woman with confidence and design flare in quality fabrics.

We recently spoke to Jonté to find out more about her and what we can expect from Jonté Designs in 2018.

How would you describe your label in three words?

Feminine, Edgy, Eclectic  

What is the best advice you have received? 

Many opportunities will come your way but be sure to be “Ready” for it and not jump into every prospect. Rather, wait until the timing works well for where your business is at.

Is there a designer you have been influenced by?

Growing up I was in total awe of Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen’s work – this gave me the love for the fashion industry. They have/were such pioneers in fashion, breaking all the rules and always creating a production rather than just a runway parade.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I gain inspiration from my surroundings, travels, fabrics, and environments – anything really! I keep an open mind and just let the ideas flow from various avenues. A main contributor to my inspiration though is definitely the female figure and fabrics I source and fall in love with during my travels and sourcing trips! I love playing around with ideas that would bring a fabric to life.   

What materials do you work with and why?

I’m always open to using various materials – depending on what I fall in love with when sourcing. In particular, I love creating unique appliqué designs with lace work and beading. It’s always special to have a design custom from fabric creation to completion. I also love working with heavily embellished beaded garments where I create custom placement beading designs on our patterns. Some of our other favourites we have used in upcoming designs include Cupro (which is a luxurious wearable fabric that everyone should own), neoprene, soft tulles and flowing metallic liquid-like fabrics.  

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be?

The fast fashion mentality that is very prevalent at the moment – it can be very detrimental to the industry and consumer behaviour. I feel a movement growing towards encouraging our followers and customers to purchase quality manufactured garments and fabrics with longevity as an outcome. Wearing clothing more than once with re-style options is also important!

Do you have any travel plans this year? 

I will be travelling to Melbourne at the end of this month for a trade show to introduce the Jonté label to the fashion industry over east and hope to do a few more trips like this so we can build up and expand our brand to a broader market Australia wide. 

What do you have in-store for 2018?

We have been working on some beautiful collections, which will be launched through the year. I can’t wait to release our next few capsule collections which we are introducing periodically throughout the year! Think glamorous and edgy, stunning fabrications and exclusive applications to garments by Jonté Designs. This includes ready-to-wear & special occasion garments that are designed to be beautiful additions to our customer’s wardrobes. Garments that can be worn and re-styled for years to come! We also have a Resort Bridal Collection being released throughout the year and are opening our doors to a select few custom bridal designs between our collections work.