Launched in 2012, local label Wild Horses is known for its fine fabrics and stunning colour palettes. With a strong focus on sustainability, Wild Horses offer both ready-to-wear and made-to-order pieces. Founder Natalie Donovan’s cool and effortless aesthetic transcends all age groups that are designed for any occasion. Wild Horses is currently stocked at HATCH in Garden City Perth. 


Check out our interview with Natalie below.


Tell us more about the creative process for Wild Horses. 

I really enjoy allowing myself to naturally go with the flow and let the designs come to me. It’s mostly when I imagine what I want to be wearing for next SS or AW then I focus on that design aspect and it naturally evolves and fine tunes itself. I try and think what the wearer would like to wear, whether you’re a mum with young kids, a woman who's just had a baby, a mature lady who still wants to dress fashionably or a young girl who just wants to go out and have fun. A lot of our designs are based on our target market which are women whom I mentioned above and also the wedding season - we do a lot of made to order garments for women who have a special event on. 

You describe your team as a ‘handful of strong and inspiring women’ - we’d love to know more about them… 

My small team are women who work from home for themselves. They work at their own pace (don't worry, still on a deadline) and most are mums that enjoy working from home around their children routines. Being a mum myself, I understand how that can be rewarding and also sometimes difficult to manage and co-ordinate. I think how lucky we are to be able to structure our work life around our families as not many countries and cultures have that opportunity. 

As a Freo local, how does this influence your design aesthetic? 

My surroundings and lifestyle influence me and living in Fremantle has its perks - beautiful architecture with grand historic buildings and stunning views to boot. I'd say it has somewhat an impact. The architectural design in the old buildings are so beautiful you can almost see how it reflects in our design lines on our more structured jackets and dresses from previous collections.

There is so much more awareness around sustainability and ethical practice in fashion, more so than when you started Wild Horses back in 2012. How do you feel this has impacted your label?

The world has slowly woken up and realised we cannot keep producing so much waste which is primarily in fabric manufacturing, clothing manufacturing and then filtrates down to the fast fashion shoppers. More people are aware of these problems and that awareness is setting a concrete value within our minds. Since starting WH in 2012, a lot of my fellow fashion designer friends and I all try to minimise our wastage by either manufacturing locally, doing small runs, sewing ourselves and using natural fibres. By being aware I have consolidated my brand to only using silk and linen when I can and creating lots of small ranges each year. I will only do another capsule once my previous range has sold out so I'm not creating more stock that could potentially sit in my studio and become dead stock. Another great business decision is doing the Made to Order which means only buying and sewing a garment up when it has been privately ordered by one of our clients online. These criteria’s help the brand become more sustainable and hopefully we can spread the message across to our existing and future clients.

What’s next for Wild Horses?

I am enjoying working on our mini capsules throughout the year and then managing our Made To Order's from our online shop. At the moment we're gliding along happily but are working on something in the near future to spice up our minimalism aesthetic - Follow us to be the first to know! @wildhorseslabel


Creative Industries: Amanda Healy