Amore & Sorvete

Amore & Sorvete

Amore & Sorvete

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia; Bridgette’s love for the ocean started from a very young age. While it is one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth adorns a pristine coastline and a relaxed beach lifestyle.

Bridgette’s swimwear obsession began in high school. While all the other students were learning to sew pillowcases in Textiles, Bridgette was sewing cotton bikinis. She found herself working a part time job after school just to support her bikini habit.

It was then that she noticed a scarcity of boutique swimwear labels in Australia. At 21, Bridgette moved to Indonesia to pursue her dreams of starting her own. In 2009, Amore & Sorvete was born. Inspired by cheeky Brazilian bums, the label means ‘Love and Ice cream’ in Portugese, the official language spoken in Brazil.

After launching her first collection, A&S Featured on ‘Fashion TV’ worldwide. A New York agent interested in wholesaling the brand throughout the US contacted Bridgette. The brand grew internationally almost over night.

While participating in Miami Swim Week, one of the biggest swim trade shows in the world, it wasn’t long before A&S received large orders from top retails stores such as Shopbop, Urban Outfitters and Anthropology. Bridgette opened two A&S stores in Bali and after returning to Perth, opened an A&S flagship store in 2012.

In 2014, A&S featured in Sports Illustrated for the first time. “Sports Illustrated was a goal right from the beginning. To my surprise Emily Ratajkowski was wearing my bikini. I was absolutely blown away to see she was wearing my creation”.

Later that year Bridgette took the bold step of collaborating with popular American country singer Jessie James Decker, creating a feminine line for women and their little ones. This saw Amore & Sorvete become a social media sensation.